grandpa on a landline phone using CenturyLink home phone service

CenturyLink® Internet and phone bundles

Pair high-quality home phone calls with high-speed internet.


Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing required. Taxes, fees, and charges apply. Rate excludes CTL Fees not to exceed $4.00/mo/line.*

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landline phone connected to CenturyLink home phone service

Stay connected with CenturyLink phone and internet

Experience excellent call quality with virtually no delays or lag time with a landline phone. Landline phones restore the stable connections from the days when home phones were everywhere.

With CenturyLink phone and internet bundles, you can couple affordable unlimited nationwide and local calling with your preferred internet speed up to 100 Mbps. No matter your preferred package, you’ll have access to home phone features that make connecting safe, secure, and simple.

Limited availability. Service in select locations only.

Why you should choose CenturyLink internet and phone bundles


With millions of customers nationwide, you can trust CenturyLink to take care of your communication needs.


CenturyLink’s technical support agents are standing by to help troubleshoot any issues, 24/7.


Bundled packages keep you connected to loved ones, whether you prefer phone, text, or email.

Next-level speeds, next-level service with CenturyLink Fiber Internet

Fiber internet from CenturyLink has enough bandwidth to ensure everyone at home can connect their laptop, phone, tablet, and gaming console without forcing anyone else out of their online activity or into a low-definition viewing experience.

Fiber internet isn’t available everywhere—yet. Enter your ZIP code to find out if you can upgrade your home’s speed to fiber internet.