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CenturyLink® deals: You’ve come to the right place

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Get a deal when you bundle with CenturyLink

Don’t want to settle for just an internet deal? Looking to maximize your value and minimize the hassle of more than one bill? CenturyLink eases all these concerns with one simple word—bundle. When you combine an internet and home phone plan, you can save money and only get one bill every month! Got friends and family all over the nation? Talk with ease with CenturyLink’s nationwide calling, and do it with a plan that also gives you high-speed internet that’ll keep you gaming, browsing, and streaming virtually lag-free. Get a great deal by bundling your services today!

  • Bundle internet with home for maximum savings

  • No more keeping track of multiple bills with multiple due dates—combine your services onto one simple bill.

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CenturyLink Internet: Pay month to month

Commitment is hard, but with CenturyLink, you won’t have to worry about that. This CenturyLink promotion allows you to pay month to month with no long-term commitment.

  • Pay month to month without having to stick to a long-term commitment.

  • No cancellation fee if you have to opt out early.