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Standalone Internet speed up to 20 Mbps starting at

$ 45.00 /mo
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CenturyLink High-Speed Internet Prices & Plans

CenturyLink Price For Life Internet: 
No Contract, Same Great Price for Life

Tired of the mandatory rate increases built into internet contracts? Sick of getting stuck with services you’re unhappy with? CenturyLink Price for Life internet plans let you maintain the same rate for your internet plan as long as you retain the same services at the same address—and best of all, you don’t have to sign a contract to keep your stable price.

With contract-free CenturyLink internet, you can pay for your internet as you go, knowing you’ll pay the same rate month to month. Plus, because your plan doesn’t have a contract, you can cancel anytime without paying a contractually obligated cancellation fee. You also won’t be forced into a bundle with services you don’t need just to maintain a low internet price for a year or two. Instead, CenturyLink internet means internet on your terms free of the rate increases, cancellation fees, and required bundling you’ve come to associate with internet service providers.

  • CenturyLink Price for Life Basic Internet: $45.00/month
  • CenturyLink Price for Life 80 Mbps: $55.00/month
  • CenturyLink Price for Life 100 Mbps: $65.00/month

Up to 20 Mbps

1–3 Devices

Up to 80 Mbps

3–5 Devices

Up to 100 Mbps

6–8 Devices

Up to 1 Gig

9+ Devices

CenturyLink Price for Life 1 Gig is available in select cities and costs $85.00/month. Visit the availability page to see which speeds and plans you can access in your area. (Listed speeds may not be available in your area.)

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Do More with Internet Service from CenturyLink

Do more with high-speed internet. Turn your home into a wireless network and connect all of your devices at the same time with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. Download music, stream movies, surf the web, and more—faster than you ever thought possible.

  • In-home wireless network
  • Fast downloads

1 Gig Internet Speeds in Select Cities

If traditional high-speed internet isn’t doing it for you, invest in something more. With 1 Gig High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink, you should be able to stream anything you want from any device at any time—even if four other members of your household are streaming their own high-quality videos simultaneously.

Up to 1 Gig Internet is available in many cities across the United States, including Denver, Las Vegas, and Portland.. Enter your zip code to find out if you can access the fastest internet you’ll ever experience.

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CenturyLink® Service and Support

We know you have enough to worry about, which is why CenturyLink works to provide its customers a robust support system. Get the assistance you need with CenturyLink's 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support team. Add CenturyLink @Ease to your Internet package and get advanced security features, such as around-the-clock computer support, identity theft protection, automatic cloud backup, and antivirus services.

  • CenturyLink @Ease additional protection
  • 24/7 tech support

Simple Installation

CenturyLink makes it easy to set up a wireless network in your home. The installation kit includes everything you need to install your router in 30 minutes or less. And if you’re not the DIY type, CenturyLink can schedule a technician to install everything for you. Call and speak to a CenturyLink-authorized agent today to discuss your options. We’re waiting for your call!

  • Self-install in 30 minutes
  • Professional installation option (one-time professional installation fee will apply)
  • Helpful experts on call
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Bring Home More Services—Bundle with CenturyLink

Fast internet is the perfect start, but if you want more services to expand your home’s entertainment options and worldwide connectivity, CenturyLink is here to help.

Are your closest family members and friends scattered across the nation? Bundle your internet with a CenturyLink phone plan that offers unlimited nationwide calling and helps you cut down on pesky cell phone bills. Do you get most of your news and entertainment from TV? Add a DIRECTV channel package to your high-speed internet to enjoy all your favorite programs from the comfort of home.

If a Double Play package just won’t cut it, get all three services in one by signing up for a Triple Play plan that bundles CenturyLink internet, home phone, and DIRECTV.

See All Bundle Options