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Up to 100 Mbps internet speed great for streaming and gaming

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Enjoy high-speed service with up to 100 Mbps

If you want to connect your laptop, tablet, phone, gaming console, and smart TV—and your roommate wants to connect his five devices as well—more bandwidth will let you both enjoy streaming on all your devices. CenturyLink Internet, up to 100 Mbps, comes with fast whole-home WiFi and 24/7 technical support.

Limited availability. Service in select locations only.

No annual contracts

24/7 technical support

Fast in-home WiFi

How fast is up to 100 Mbps?

Limited availability. Service in select locations only.

Is your freezing screen ruining your online gaming stats? Do you constantly argue with your roommate about who gets to use the internet for what, and when? Up to 100 Mbps (Speeds may not be available in your area) Internet from CenturyLink powers your entire household of high-bandwidth users.

High-speed internet from CenturyLink includes fast in-home Wi-Fi from state-of-the-art modems that delivers a super fast WiFi connection.

  • Connect smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, etc.—at once.

  • Pay month to month and cancel your Internet anytime with no annual contract.

Survey shows Gen Z prefers bonding with parents through gaming

A little playful competition never hurt anyone—and a new study shows that it may even bring people together. After learning that 74% of parents play video games with their children at least weekly, the team at GetCenturyLink set out to find how video games may affect family ties between parents and Gen Z gamers.

We conducted two surveys via Pollfish for this report—one surveyed 1,000 American parents 25 and older and the other surveyed 1,000 Gen Z gamers ages 16–24. We asked both groups about their gaming habits and how they perceive those habits impact their familial relationships. Check out the results below.

Graphic showing statistics about online gaming with family

Bonus family gaming findings

  • 100% of respondents in both surveys play video games with their family members, and both survey groups chose Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as their favorite game to play together.

  • 15% of Gen Z respondents like playing games with their family because they get to teach them how to play and act as an “expert.”

  • 57% of parents surveyed said their family loves game nights, especially around holidays.

  • 40% of parents surveyed think gaming helps their children develop important skills like problem solving, decision making, and reaction time.

  • 33% of Gen Z gamers surveyed said playing video games makes them feel closer to their family and 55% want to make gaming a family tradition.