200 mbps

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Save big on fiber internet service up to 200 Mbps


Limited availability. Service and rate in select locations only. Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply.

  • Fiber speeds at half the price of Gigabit

  • Extra savings of $10/mo with phone service

  • Fiber Gigabit may also be available near you

CenturyLink® Fiber Internet provider perks in your area

Snag fiber internet services at a great price, save even more when you bundle internet and phone, and take advantage of customer-centered practices.

$10/mo savings

Add phone service to your internet bundle and get two services at a great price.

Unlimited data

Spend your internet time freely. CenturyLink doesn’t limit data or charge overages.

No annual contract

Start internet service at a month-to-month price and never pay a cancellation fee.

24/7 technical support

Turn to a technical expert at any waking hour if you run into a problem.

What up to 200 Mbps looks like in real time

Got a plane ride or road trip coming up? Here’s about how long you’ll wait to download your favorite content.

Limited availability. Service in select locations only.

Download a music album

Just 2 seconds to save an average-length album at the best audio quality.

Download an HD movie

Just 2 minutes to save an average-length HD movie in 1080p.

Download a 4K movie

Just 9 minutes, 20 seconds, to save an average-length movie in stunning 4K.

A couple on a couch using CenturyLink internet to play virtual reality video games.

Have an unreal experience with fiber internet plans

Once you’ve experienced the speeds and reliability of fiber internet, you can’t go back. Let the CenturyLink fiber network take you there.

  • Whip-fast download speeds up to 200 Mbps or up to 940 Mbps

    Limited availability. Service in select locations only.

  • Upload speeds, equal to download speeds

  • 99.9% reliable* network meticulously designed for low latency (lag)

    *Based on network uptime or availability