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Most popular Halloween costumes by state in 2023

Halloween is a season of opposites, represented as much by horror-themed streaming collections and haunted houses as trick-or-treating and jack-o’-lantern sugar cookies.

The opposites are even more apparent when it comes to Halloween costumes, which let kids, adults, couples, and groups express their creativity and Halloween spirit in such personal ways. Will your costume be horror or fantasy? Literal or clever? Classic or current?

We looked into the top Halloween costumes researched in 2023 for any noticeable trends and picked up on some fun threads. Can you guess which pop culture characters made the cut?

Most popular Halloween costumes by state in 2023 [Map]

a data visualization of the most popular halloween costumes in every state in the US

Findings on trending Halloween costumes

  • If 2023 is any indication, classics will likely always be the most popular Halloween costumes of all time.
    • Cat costumes were the most searched nationwide in 2023, with 12 states googling them more than any other. Fairy costumes were a close second, racking up the most searches in 10 states.
    • Classic Halloween-themed costumes, including skeleton, vampire, zombie, and witch getups, topped the searches in 3 to 5 states each.
    • Dinosaur costumes were similarly popular in 4 states.
  • Pop culture Halloween costumes, most of them movie and TV characters, were most searched in 20% of the country.
    • Ariel was the favorite in 2 states, likely due to the popularity of the live-action Little Mermaid remake.
    • Barbie was a massive box office success, with over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. The state that showed the most interest in Barbie costumes was West Virginia.
    • Elvis costumes were searched most in Mississippi, where Elvis was born, and in Tennessee, where Graceland was built. With not one but two Elvis biopics released in 2023, the rock’n’roll star was an inevitable addition to the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023.
    • Swifties from Massachusetts and New Hampshire showed the most interest in dressing like their pop hero, Taylor Swift. The Eras tour broke Ticketmaster records when it sold over 2 million tickets on opening day.
    • Other 2023 TV and movie characters that made the list include Wednesday Addams and famous cartoon plumber Mario.


Using articles from DIYs, The New York Post, PopSugar, Variety Magazine, and, we gathered some of the most popular Halloween costumes in the United States. We then analyzed their search volume and relative popularity by state using Semrush and Google Trends.

Most popular Halloween costumes by state in 2023 [Table]

Alabamafairy costume
AlaskaCat costumeCostume# of States that looked up the Halloween Costumes
Arizonafairy costumeCat costume12
ArkansasCat costumeFairy costume10
CaliforniaCat costumeSkeleton costume5
ColoradoCat costumeDinosaur costume4
ConnecticutCat costumeVampire costume4
DelawareSkeleton costumeZombie costume3
District of ColumbiaAriel costumeWitch costume3
Floridapirate costumeAriel costume2
Georgiafairy costumeTaylor Swift Costume2
HawaiiMario costumeElvis costume2
IdahoSkeleton costumeWednesday Addams costume1
IllinoisCat costumeBarbie costume1
IndianaDinosaur costumePirate costume1
IowaDinosaur costumeMario costume1
KansasDinosaur costume
KentuckyCat costume
LouisianaAriel costume
MaineVampire costume
Marylandfairy costume
MassachusettsTaylor Swift Costume
Michiganwitch costume
Minnesotafairy costume
MississippiElvis costume
Missourifairy costume
MontanaVampire costume
NebraskaZombie costume
NevadaVampire costume
New HampshireTaylor Swift Costume
New JerseyZombie costume
New MexicoSkeleton costume
New YorkVampire costume
North CarolinaDinosaur costume
North DakotaSkeleton costume
Ohiofairy costume
Oklahomafairy costume
OregonCat costume
PennsylvaniaSkeleton costume
Rhode Islandfairy costume
South CarolinaCat costume
South Dakotawednesday addams costume
TennesseeElvis costume
Texasfairy costume
Utahwitch costume
Vermontwitch costume
VirginiaCat costume
WashingtonCat costume
West VirginiaBarbie costume
WisconsinCat costume
WyomingZombie costume

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