Senior VP Bill Bradley Added to Louisiana’s Cybersecurity Commission

Senior VP Bill Bradley Added to Louisiana’s Cybersecurity Commission

The Senior Vice President of Cyber Engineering and Technology Services at CenturyLink now has another line on his job description: member of one of the first state cybersecurity commissions in the country. Bill Bradley will work with local, state, and tribal governments—along with state institutions and businesses—to help protect Louisiana citizens from cyberattacks.

Bradley brings years of online expertise that will help the commission make informed, proactive decisions about cybersecurity in Louisiana. In particular, Bradley aims to help the state minimize security costs while upping cybersecurity efficiency. With his fellow commission members, Bradley will also educate Louisiana’s citizens and business owners about online safety and grow the state’s ability to counter online threats.

Louisiana is one of just 21 states with cybersecurity commissions. Hopefully, as Bradey and the other board members dedicate themselves to stopping cyber threats, the remaining 29 states will follow suit, ensuring anyone can get online worry-free.

With help from companies with cybersecurity experience like CenturyLink, American—and global—cyber risks should go down, businesses and state economies can grow, and web users like you can safely log on without worrying about a data breach or identity theft that will haunt your credit score for years.

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