We Had a Bot Read 500 Tinder Bios, and It Came Up with Its Own

We Had a Bot Read 500 Tinder Bios, and It Came Up with Its Own

These days, there’s a dating app for everyone. From horse enthusiasts to bacon lovers to gluten-free romantics. But no matter what app you use, you need to give off a good first impression.

And so begins your quest for the perfect bio. What will set you apart from the droves of singles swiping left and right? A quote from The Office? Mentioning your love of adventure? Adding a helpful hint such as, “the baby in the picture is my nephew?”

Whatever it is, chances are, it’s part of a theme that the whole nation seems to unknowingly take part in. The data analyst team at GetCenturyLink decided to identify some of these themes, and then use an AI bot to generate new dating bios based on the collected ones.

First, we painstakingly collected just under 500 Tinder profile bios from the five most populous cities in the US: New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, and Chicago. From there, we pulled out some interesting findings.

Interesting Findings:

  • Women use emojis in bios almost twice as much as men.
  • The most common emoji used in bios for was the shrug.
  • More men include their height in their bios than women.
  • Women used the word love in their bios almost three times more than men.
  • 66% of males listed a job while only 47% of females listed a job.
  • Both genders had similar profile lengths (an average of 25.3 words per profile for females and 25.5 for males) and word lengths (an average of 4.5 characters per word for females and 4.6 for males).
  • Males used personal pronouns 356 times and females used them 480 times (i.e. I, my, me, I’m).

So How Do You Teach a Bot to Write a Tinder Bio?

After collecting the dating bios, we then placed them into our recurrent neural network to generate fifty new bios based on the formatting, structure, and language use of the original bios.

After studying the soul-baring memoirs of America’s most eligible singles, our bot came up with some pretty good options. Here are the top two for women and men. Tag yourself—I’m “baby daddy yoga.”


Lady Bios

centurylink dating profile ladies

  • Every breath is agony, son. Soul-searching, K-pop cover singer. Baby daddy yoga, camping, and good sandwiches. Looking for someone to catch and maybe neurotic.
  • I look great with makeup. Me naps, no travel. Cheese sandwiches wanna kiss ‘em. I love going reading, movies, pants, seriously. Baby probably your next ex gf.


Guy Bios

dating profile centurylink men

  • 6’2″ huge and ESTP. Grown drink with an outdated ride—basically the beer kid. Currently alone, a searching wrestler. Swiped right, it’s because we’d make attractive babies.
  • Brooklyn native. Institute ready vegetarian. Entrepreneur. Guitarist. Boxer. Chef. Barber. Attorney. Lifestyle looking up! But guaranteed to fall. Love a rebound.

I don’t know about you, but these bot-generated profiles sound like solid-gold, swipe-right material.

If “every breath is agony” when it comes to dating, hang in there, friends. Keep swiping until you find your entrepreneur. Guitarist. Boxer. Chef. Whatever they might be. And you may want to stick to writing your own bios.

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