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Question: Create an original infographic showing how technology may negatively impact today's students and examples of how some public institutions may be leveraging technology to improve education. Make your infographic factual and cite your sources.

Rules and Regulations

How to enter:


Do some research into the past and present search trends to understand the future of search.


Create an original, creative infographic on how technology may negatively impact today’s students.


Paste or write your article in the form, and fill out all the fields listed below. Submit your entry before June 14, 2017. Don't forget to hit submit.


Helpful Guidelines

Want to increase your chances of winning $1000 for school? Follow these guidelines:

  • Be creative
    Use your imagination! Don't be afraid to try something different.
  • Use examples and references
    Examples will make you look more credible and offer context for your readers.
  • Link to your sources
    If you are using sources, make sure to link to them in-text or at the bottom of your essay.
  • Submit before the deadline (June 14, 2017)
    We won't accept late entries.

Congratulations to our July 2016 winner!

Ora Rae Knopik

University of Florida

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