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Fiber Gigabit

$ 65 /mo

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Choose Fiber Gigabit

Have you ever experienced internet so fast it downloads pages instantaneously? Internet sans lag, latency, and interrupted streams? CenturyLink Fiber Internet uses powerful fiber-optic cables to bring internet literally as fast as the speed of light directly to your home.

Internet this fast must cost an arm and a leg—right? Think again. Fiber Gigabit plan is $65/mo. (Speed may not be available in your area. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional fees apply*) No contract and no bundling are required. CenturyLink Internet also includes fast in-home Wi-Fi so you can enjoy fiber gigabit speeds anywhere in the house and on any device. And you can access 24/7 technical support included with every internet plan.

No Contract

24/7 Technical Support

Fast In-Home Wi-Fi

What Is Fiber Internet?

How is internet this fast possible? Unlike older broadband internet, Fiber Internet travels through fiber-optic cables at the speed of light. No matter how many people log on to your specific connection, you should be able to stream, surf, and download music or videos practically instantaneously.

Since the fiber-optic network requires new cables and infrastructure overhauls, it hasn’t yet spread across the entire United States. CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit is currently available in select cities—with the promise of spreading to more households as demand grows and the fiber network expands.

Fiber Gigabit is Available in the Following Cities:

  • Columbia, MO
    Denver, CO
    Phoenix, AZ
    Las Vegas, NV
    Minneapolis, MN
    Omaha, NE
    Orlando, FL
  • Portland, OR
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Seattle, WA
    Austin, TX
    La Crosse, WI
    Raleigh, NC
    ..and more!

Check if Gig Speeds are Available in Your Area

How Fast Is a Gigabit?

Virtually no lag time. Minimal pixelation. Zero stress. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. With Fiber Gigabit, you get virtually instantaneous and symmetrical upload and download speeds. Say goodbye to frustration while waiting for videos to load and music to download—with fiber gigabit speeds, you shouldn’t have to wait long for anything online, ever again.

Just how fast is CenturyLink Fiber Internet? A standard HD video game requires 20 GB, and with fiber gigabit speeds, you can download the entire file in under 30 seconds.

  • Connect as many devices as you want.
  • Experience virtually no lag time and slowdowns.
  • Near-instantaneous downloads of multiple-gig HD files.

Three-in-One Service Bundles

Take advantage of deals by bundling your Fiber Internet service with DIRECTV. Six different channel packages ensure you get the channels you love. Add home phone to make the most of your service savings and get better access to family members and friends in different states.

  • Merge separate payments into one easy-pay bill.
  • Maximize the amount you can save.
  • Get internet, DIRECTV, and home phone.

^ $19.95 ACTIVATION, EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF $20/MO. FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING ON AGMT., EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN & ADD’L FEES APPLY. Price incl. SELECT Pkg. & monthly service and equip. fees for 1 HD DVR. New approved residential DIRECTV customers only (equipment lease req’d). Credit card req’d (except MA & PA). Restr’s apply.