CenturyLink Internet: Pair with TV providers

With CenturyLink, it’s easy to pick your entertainment. CenturyLink is working with the best TV providers around to bring you network favorites through DISH TV and DIRECTV.

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It's that easy to get TV

From cable TV to satellite, you have a lot of options for how you get your entertainment. CenturyLink makes the decision easy.

Since CenturyLink works with DISH TV and DIRECTV, you can add any TV plan to your CenturyLink internet service and get content faster than you can say, "What's on tonight?" Get access to your ideal channel lineup, so your family can be entertained again and again.

TV providers: Get the content you want

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  • 190+ channels
  • 80K+ On Demand title library
  • 3-year TV price guarantee
  • Voice remote with Google Assistant
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  • 165+ channels
  • 65K+ on demand title library
  • Genie HD DVR
  • DIRECTV app for anywhere viewing*

Frequently asked questions about TV with CenturyLink Internet

  • What if I only want TV?
  • How does DISH TV compare to DIRECTV?

What if I only want TV?

You got it! While CenturyLink offers high-speed internet that can be paired with TV, customers are welcome to purchase a standalone TV service. Enter your zip code in the “check availability” section below to determine what TV providers are available near you.

How does DISH TV compare to DIRECTV?

Location plays a big part in satellite service availability. DISH and DIRECTV both feature thousands of on-demand titles. Enter your zip below to find out what service is available near you.

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190+ Live Channels165+ Live Channels

Streaming services available

Streaming services available

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